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DDoS Threat Landscape Report Q1 2022

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Recent geopolitical events have significantly accelerated the rate at which the DDoS threat landscape can change. As a response, we are increasing the frequency of our reporting from annually to quarterly. Now, four times a year 澳门六合彩官方网站 Research Labs will present their most up to date observations. Our mission is to raise awareness of new threats and offer detailed information about DDoS attacks and their potential impact on your business.

Here are a few highlights from this quarter’s report:

  • In Q1, we observed the highest number of attacks were made in March
  • 澳门六合彩官方网站 Research Labs detected a four-fold increase in attacks targeting Russian and Ukrainian sites
  • In February, 澳门六合彩官方网站 mitigated a Ransom DDoS attack measuring 2.5 million requests per second, our largest application attack mitigation to date
  • New attack vectors amplified the impact of DDoS attacks in this quarter